They enjoy a steamy night in Soho after Now party

After partying at Now’s 10th Anniversary bash with Bianca Gascoigne in Soho on Thursday night, Calum Best popped into nearby nightclub Kabaret’s Prophecy for a nightcap.

There he spotted actress Lindsay Lohan chatting to Damon Albarn and quickly made his move.

According to onlookers, the two were soon ‘snogging the faces off each other,’ reports The Daily Mirror. Damon didn’t know where to look.

The passionate pair left in separate cars at 4.30am but both vehicles headed off in the direction of 20-year-old Lindsay’s hotel.

Calum, 25, is quite a babe magnet. His charisma is definitely worth bottling.

The Love Island winner is releasing his own cologne for Christmas called simply Calum. Every guy on the pull should definitely get some.