George's son didn't receive any inheritence after he died...

Calum Best has revealed that his footie legend dad left him nothing when he passed away last year, aged 59, after a liver transplant and a lengthy battle with alcoholism.

‘When it came to my dad leaving me money – he left me nothing,’ he says. ‘There was no will, no trust fund…he left everything to his sister.’

But the 25-year-old party animal says he’s always been able to pay his own way.

‘I started modelling at 15, I bought my own car and I paid my own rent,’ he tells Sunday magazine. ‘I have never been supported by my parents. Ever.

‘Doing reality TV is s**t, but I’ve got to be grateful I’ve got opportunities to do that. It’s money in the bank.’

But, he adds, he’s now keen to show there’s more to Calum Best than just being a famous footballer’s son and a lothario, by showing off his talent as an actor.

‘The reality is that I’m a gentleman, I’m respectful and I want a good career,’ he insists. ‘I’d like to be taken seriously.’