Love Island winner says he's ready to settle down

He’s renowned as a celebrity playboy, but Calum Best reckons his days of clubbing and boozing are behind him.

‘I’m done sowing my wild oats,’ the son of late footballer George admits. ‘Over the past year, perhaps because of my old man passing away, I feel there has been a change. I want a career. I don’t want to be in the papers for the wrong reasons anymore.’

Instead, 25-year-old Calum has his heart set on becoming an actor.

‘There’s been talk of me doing a movie, playing my old man as a youngster,’ he tells the Daily Express. ‘The tricky part is I’m 6ft 3in tall with a receding heairline, and he was 5ft 11in with a full head of halr – so I’m not sure how that would work.’