Want to know what S Club Juniors' Calvin Goldspink is up to these days? Of course you do!

With S Club 7 reunited and heading out on tour, we’ve been looking at what those little ‘uns S Club Juniors – who became S Club 8 – have been getting up to.

And then we tracked down Calvin Goldspink, 25, who’s just moved back from LA to launch a solo career here. Read on to find out what’s happening with the band – and what the chances of a reunion are…

Calvin! Welcome home. Where have you been?
I’ve lived in LA for the past six years. I moved to Los Angeles when I was 18 and started acting in some TV shows. I ended up in South Africa filming Life Is Wild, the American version of Wild At Heart. Acting paid the rent but I never enjoyed it to the same level as music and I hate learning lines. It’s not as glamourous as everyone thinks – an all day shoot from 4am til 8pm, a new script delivered at 11pm to learn and back on set for 5.30am.

So you’re back doing music again?
Yeah, I’ve just released an EP, The Lemon Tree, on iTunes. It’s got five tracks on and the sound is very different to S Club Juniors. We were so young and had no creative input, we weren’t writing the songs at 13! I’m free not to be a pop puppet – I didn’t want to continue like that. I learnt so much from S Club Juniors it’s good to be free now.

So, spill – are you still friends with your bandmates?
Er, I haven’t kept in touch with any of them regularly.

None of them?
Well, Frankie [Bridge] and I are close because our mums are friendly. That’s my longest friendship from the band. We text a few times a year to catch up. When The Saturdays are in LA I’d have dinner with her and Rochelle [Humes]. Aaron [Renfree] came back to LA and we bumped into each other a few times. I supported the Saturdays in Birmingham on their arena tour earlier this year which was fun. Their manager used to be S Club Juniors’ head of A&R so he invited me to support.

What about the others?
I think Stacey [MClean] auditioned for The X Factor and has dabbled in modelling. Daisy [Evans] has a kid and is a busy mum. And Hannah [Richings] was the youngest in the band but had a baby straight after we broke up and has two kids now. I haven’t seen Jay [Asforis] in years but we’re planning to go for a beer in the future now I’m back in the UK. But I follow everyone on Twitter and Instagram.

Was there a big fall out?
No, it was a job for five years and everyone moves on with they leave a job. I was in America which makes it harder to keep in touch with everyone. I’d love to reconnect with everyone now I’m back in the UK.

Any chance of a reunion?
I don’t think so. We’re all doing different things…

Boo! We love the S Club Junior pictures you sent us!
I had to ask my mum to dig out some old pictures of the band and she had thousands of photos like these. It was a real trip down memory lane and it’s nice to look back.

What are you plans for 2015?
I’ve moved back to the UK permanantly now and will stay here. I’ll probably release another EP. Ed Sheeran released five EPs before his first album so it’s good to put material out on iTunes. Before I left LA, I played at the Viper Room and I’ve performed at Ronnie Scotts in London too. I like doing cool venues and need to showcase my music to a different audience.

Where are you living?
With my parents and brother in Norwich! I haven’t lived at home since I was 11 and joined the band so it’s nice.

What did you miss about home when you were in LA?
Curry. Now I miss good sushi!

Are you single?
No, I’m in a relationship but I’m quite private about my love life to be honest. I’ve been with a lovely American girl for over a year. I’m trying to get her over here but there are visa issues. She’s came for six months and left so now she can’t get back in the country!

You can download The Lemon Tree EP on iTunes

Caroline Millington