This breakup just turned a little sour

Calvin Harris has mostly kept a calm, cool exterior in the weeks following his split from Taylor Swift.

When they first broke up, it was all ‘love and respect’ and well-wishes, with him even telling paparazzi that everything was ‘all good’ directly after she went public with her new Tom Hiddleston romance.

But everyone has their breaking point – and it seems dear Calv has reached his, as he’s unleashed some truths about how he really feels. And jealous, people, he is not…

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After fans took to his Instagram comment field to get the scoop on what happened, on Thursday the 32-year-old producer surprisingly gave his own responses – and they’re sassy as HELL.

When one user told Calvin that he was just ‘jealous’ that Taylor, 26, has moved on, Calvin cooly wrote: ‘not jealous sir, FREE’.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 13.43.38OOP.

In response to another fan who queried the way Taylor and Tom’s story came out to the media, Calvin shot back:  ‘She controlled the media and this situation, I had no idea what was going on. So that kind of makes it a lot worse from my perspective’.

Calvin Harris instaAnd the truth spilling didn’t stop there – he also clarified that he ‘didn’t leave anyone’ in this breakup – and TayTay’s clearly not feeling sad about it:

Calvin Harris twitter 1However, the This Is What You Came For hitmaker clarified that he doesn’t hate Taylor ‘at all’, and interestingly refollowed her on Instagram…

[GIF] Taylor Swift Vogue's 73 QuestionsMeanwhile, it looks as if he’s also buried the metaphorical hatchet with another of his exes – thanks to some eagle-eyed followers, it appears that Rita Ora has refollowed Calvin on Instagram…

…and he’s done the same! Calvin, you mysterious minx, you – what comes next?

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