He's back. And he's looking INSANE.

We were worried. We were so, so worried. IMAGINE IF ANYTHING HAPPENED TO THAT BEAUTIFUL MUG?!

We’re referring, of course, to Calvin Harris‘ near stroke with death after a pretty severe sounding car crash.

After the crash, 32-year-old Calvin was forced to cancel multiple shows due to the crash earlier this month which left him hospitalised. Speaking of the event, Calv shared that he was very ‘lucky and very grateful‘.


And you know that whole ‘near death experience, new lease of life’ thing? Well, we’re getting a strong feeling that Calv is in this frame of mind- having taken to Instagram to share a darn naked selfie.

Feast your lucky, lucky eyes…


Yep- that happened. And people have lost their minds, with comments reading messages such as ‘Lucky girl Taylor!’, ‘Back with the freaking bang…. love this guy’ and  ‘I envy Taylor Swift’. Us and all, miscellaneous Instagram user, us and all.

Yep, of course Mr Calvin Harris is well and truly off the market- having been well and truly loved up with Taylor Swift since last year. To really rub salt in ya’ wounds, Taylor has described their relationship as ‘magical’.

*Sigh* Oh to be Tay Tay.

Alice Perry