And the award for classiest response of the year goes to...

It’s hard enough to see an ex-partner moving on with someone new via loved-up holiday selfies posted on Facebook.

So spare a thought for dear old Calvin Harris, who, barely two weeks after announcing his split from Taylor Swift, had to watch as the gossip scene worldwide exploded with those pictures of her kissing and holding hands with Tom Hiddleston. Awks.

However, he’s shown that he’s prepared to be the bigger person in the situation, by giving a very classy response to his ex-girlfriend publicly moving on.

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Paparazzi from gossip site TMZ approached the music producer on his way to the gym late on Wednesday night (just after the news broke in the UK), and of course there was only one topic they wanted to ask him about.

‘Calvin, any comment on Taylor and Tom?’ Did she betray you?’ photographers asked.

In response, he simply smiled and said: ‘It’s all good, she’s doing her thing, she’s doing her thing dude.’

They...are never, ever, ever...getting back together

They…are never, ever, ever…getting back together

Seeing as it’s being suggested that Taylor’s relationship with 35-year-old actor Tom had been bubbling since their initial meeting at the Met Gala, while she was still in a relationship with Calvin, this is a pretty serene response. Not bad at all, Calv!

This certainly makes a difference from his online activities – he tweeted (and deleted) the words ‘It’s about to go down’ while unfollowing Taylor, her brother, her fans and scrubbing his social media free of mention of her. Hmm.

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Talvin came to an end at the start of June, and Calvin, 32, was quick to tell his Twitter fans that what remained between them was ‘a whole lot of love and respect’. That tweet has since been deleted, in his big Taylor media cull, but in his cool response, the sentiment seems to remain – nice!

Besides, Calvin has been taking his mind off his breakup by taking Vegas selfies with Mark Wright:

He da man !! @calvinharris

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So, in all, looks like he really is doing just fine. Good for him!