The actress wasn't privileged


Cameron Diaz learned to take care of herself at a very young age.

The pretty actress, who was raised in California’s Long Beach, admits that she was taught to wash her own clothes when she was little more than a toddler.

Ever since I was 4, I’ve been doing my laundry,’ says Cameron, 41.

I learnt to push a stool up to the washer and push the button that I couldn’t read. My dad thought that having children was really about the mentality of the farm.

You have kids and they do all the hard work, they take out the trash and clean up the dog poop, do the dishes.’

Despite her dad’s tough approach, Cameron had a very happy childhood and thinks she was ‘spoiled’.

But the large inner-city school she went too wasn’t quite so nice and forced her to harden up.

It was stark and barren, but it was multicultural, and I think it gave me tools to relate to people and understand them,’ Cameron tells Stella Magazine.

We had to learn to get along. Not that everybody did all of the time. There was violence. You have that many kids, there’s bound to be conflict.

I learnt to be good at being friends with everyone. You have to be tough, especially when you’re a skinny white girl.’

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