Actress is open-minded about sexuality

Cameron Diaz has laughed off rumours that she might have hooked up with gal pal Drew Barrymore.

The actress caused lots of speculation after admitting earlier this year that she’d been with a lady’ but is adamant it wasn’t married mum-of-two Drew, 39.

Some media outlet called for a comment and they wanted to know whether I was with Drew,’ says Cameron, 41.

Literally, I said, “That makes me want to vomit in my mouth.” That’s like saying I’m having sex with my sister.

Are you crazy? I wouldn’t even ménage with her!’

Cameron won’t give too much away about her romantic history but she’s very open-minded when it comes to sexuality.

Everybody tries things and sees things and checks them out, and either walks away or walks further in,’ the pretty star tells US Harper’s Bazaar.

It’s life – it’s what people do. I’m not going to tell people what I’ve done, but I’m also not going to say, “No! I would never!”

If I said that, I’d be shaming myself and shaming other people’s choices. I don’t want to add any stigma to someone’s choice.’

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