Actress isn't eating


Cameron Diaz is in a bad way following the sudden death of her dad Emilio earlier this month.

The actress hasn’t been eating and friends say she just can’t pull herself together.

‘Cam isn’t doing well,’ a pal reveals.

‘Her dad’s death has crushed her. She was very close to him.

‘Cam always said that she wanted to marry a man just like her father.’

Pals are also worried she’s spending too much time indoors.

‘She’s been staying in bed and her girlfriends are taking turns sleeping at her house,’ the insider tells Reveal.

‘She’s already lost 5lb because she refuses to eat. Hopefully she’s hit rock bottom, so the only way is up.’

Cameron, 35, cancelled all interviews for her latest film What Happened In Vegas.

Emilio died at the age of 58 from pneumonia.

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