Junior's a chip off the old block, eh Pete?


Peter Andre is always proud of his kids but he’s feeling particularly happy about son Junior’s latest achievement.

The singer admits that the 11-year-old – who, along with nine-year-old Princess, Pete has with ex-wife Katie Price – often struggles to concentrate but has impressed his dad by going above and beyond with his homework.


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‘I had a parents’ evening at Junior and Bista’s school last week,’ says Pete, 44.

‘While I was there, I had a meeting with the head to get an overall picture of how they’re both doing.

‘It’s not unusual for teachers to say Junior could be a bit better at concentrating, but he received a special award last week for doing extra homework in drama.’

Awww, well done Junior! A future performer like Pete, perhaps? The singer has just landed a role in a Hollywood movie, after all.

‘He’s a chip off the old block,’ the dad-of-four writes in his New! magazine column. ‘Bista is also doing very well and I’m so proud of them.’

Pete – who also has daughter Amelia, 3, and son Theo, six months, with wife Emily MacDonagh – is always on hand to support his brood and tried his best to assist Junior with some maths work recently.

Sounds like he would have been more help in the drama department though as he had to ask doctor Emily for help!

‘Speaking of homework, J asked me to help him with algebra,’ Pete explains. ‘I was like, “Of course son,” then I took one look at it and said, “Hmmm… Ems?” She’s great at maths and science.

‘J had a bit of a sense of humour failure doing it, but I said he should be proud of himself because he’s much smarter than he thinks he is and can achieve so much.’

Well isn’t that lovely? Keep up the good work, Andre clan!