Star's disgarded gum is being auctioned on eBay

A piece of gum chewed by Jessica Simpson is being auctioned on eBay.

The blonde actress discarded it as she was preparing to shoot a kissing scene with co-star Dane Cook in her new movie Employee Of The Month.

Jessica, 26, gave the gum to an extra on set, who rather than throw it away, has decided to make a quick buck.

The seller writes on eBay: ‘I was an extra in the movie starring Jessica Simpson and sat next to her during filming in Albuquerque.

‘Jessica was chewing gum when shooting started and asked if we would mind her putting her gum in a napkin on our table. I joked that I would sell it on eBay. She said: “Go for it. You might make 99 cents.”

‘Here’s that pale blue gum. It was in her mouth so it has her DNA on it so you can clone her.’

The seller will also provide a letter of authenticity, gossip from the film and a head shot to the winning bidder.

The highest bid currently stands at $55. The auction ends on Monday.