John talks the nitty gritty of filming on Albert Square....

Earlier today, it was confirmed that Eastenders bosses had (v. politely) asked if Danny Dyer would temporarily like to ‘GET OUT OF THEIR PUB’. (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

So, this is the deal…

According to reports, Danny- who has played Mick Carter for four years in the hit BBC soap- is reportedly taking a break from Albert Square whilst he spends some down time ‘sorting his life out’ after becoming ‘exhausted’.

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Following Danny’s appearance at the National Television Awards last month (in which the actor was was reportedly a lil’ worse for wear), BBC bosses have now confirmed his break from the show- which is believed to be only for a couple of weeks in order for the dad-of-three to get ‘back to his best’.

Sounds good to us, Danny!

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A source shared that the decision was made out of concern from BBC bosses for Danny’s well being, and that he will be returning to the Ol’ Vic: ‘The producers are concerned about him for a number of reason… It was clear to onlookers he appeared very drunk at the NTAs. It is best that he takes some time out to sort his life out. He appears to be exhausted’.

In fact, following the news of Danny’s (brief) departure from the Soapworld, former long term cast member John Partridge (who played Christian Clarke) has since spoken out about life in the square.

During his appearance on ITV’s Lorraine on Friday, John defended the decision for Danny’s break- sharing, ‘I’m sure he’s under enormous pressure but I’m also sure he gets a great response in the street. I only had a very positive response’.

John then added, ‘I’m sure everybody loves Danny, but the schedule can be relentless. But if he has got any problems outside of the show, he really should take some time away to deal with them. You can have 16 hour days filming on the show. It can be really tough’.

Hoping you get a nice kick back for a few weeks Danny, we’ll see ya on the ol’ box soon!

Alice Perry