Caitlyn Jenner has been spotted out and about with actress Candis Cayne

The whole world’s been in awe of Caitlyn Jenner’s beauty and courage ever since she introduced herself to us back in June, and it seems like we’re not the only ones as Caitlyn’s been spotted out and about with blonde beauty Candis Cayne.

Now things have just gone up a notch after Caitlyn and Candis KISSED on the season finale of I Am Cait – eek!


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The pair were challenged to the dare by friends during an evening out and Caitlyn obliged by giving Candis a full-on smacker.

But just who is the reality star’s rumoured flame? Here’s everything you need to know about Candis Cayne…

Candis will not only be supportive but also completely understand what Caitlyn’s been going through recently with her massive life change she’s had, as the 43-year-old is also transgender.

Born as one of two male twins, Candis was unaware what a transsexual was until she lived in New York, where she moved to and made a name for herself as a choreographer and drag performer in the early 90s. After about three years of moving there, she realized that the term described how she felt and started transitioning in 1996.

The people of the public finally started noticing Candis’ amazing-ness in 2007 when she was on primetime drama, Dirty Sexy Money, where she played transgender mistress Carmelita. She became the first transgender actress to regularly appear in a transgender role on screen.

She has since been in various films and appearances on TV, making regular appearances with RuPaul, including his 2007 film Starrbooty and teaching choreography as a dance teacher on popular TV show, RuPaul’s Drag Race. Start your engines!

Caitlyn’s son Brody Jenner recently revealed in an interview with Us Weekly that the 66-year-old is still attracted to women, and that’d he’d happily play cupid too.

‘Caitlyn likes women, it’s not like all of a sudden, you know…Caitlyn created me. So it wouldn’t be too hard to go and find a chick for Caitlyn.’

By the looks of things with Candis, Caitlyn may not need Brody’s match-matching services after all!

Awkward! Caitlyn and ex-wife Kris have the same dress!

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