Jeff wants to get the boys vaccinated against HPV

Jeff Brazier has spoken of his cancer fears for his sons following the death of their mum Jade Goody to the disease.

The TV star is concerned about the link between the human papillomavirus (HPV) and cancers in men and so is backing a campaign for men to be offered a vaccine against the virus.


Jeff Brazier reveals how his sons remember Jade Goody

Jade died aged 27 from cervical cancer in 2009 and this could have been linked to HPV, meaning Jeff is keen to protect their boys Bobby, 13, and Freddy, 12, as much as possible.

‘Jade’s death may have been HPV-related so as a family we know first-hand how heartbreaking the consequences of the virus can be,’ says Jeff, 37.

‘Jade would want me to do all I can to protect our boys and I can’t lose them too.’

Jeff is now planning for his sons to have the vaccination to protect them from the condition.

‘Even despite all the awareness raising Jade did about cancer, I wasn’t aware of the risks related to HPV for my sons,’ the dad-of-two tells MailOnline. ‘HPV is typically seen as a female issue. But I’ll definitely be getting them vaccinated now.’

Boots are offering the vaccine to males aged between 12 and 44 for a small fee. Visit for further information.

Whilst the virus is known to be linked to cervical cancer in women, it can also cause oral, penile and anal cancers in men as well as genital warts.

The NHS already offers the vaccine to girls aged 12 to 13 but Jeff and Dr Christian Jessen are backing the campaign for men to get vaccinated too.

Jade was open about her battle with cervical cancer before her tragic death and it led to an increase in women seeking screening for the condition.

Jeff has raised the boys ever since the Big Brother star passed away and recently admitted that the week of Mother’s Day – which coincided with the anniversary of Jade’s death – had proved difficult.

‘Glad last week’s over. I try & reduce the impact but having Jades anniversary & Mother’s Day in the same week is a cruel blow for the boys,’ the This Morning presenter Tweeted last month.

After using his experiences to retrain as a life coach, Jeff is now working on a new TV show with Dr Christian focused on bereavement counselling.