The model mysteriously 'parted ways' with the professional skater at the weekend

Caprice Bourret has claimed she’s being “bullied” by her professional Dancing On Ice partner Hamish Gamman.

It was announced the model and her pro skater had ‘parted ways’ at the weekend, and she’d be paired with a new ice dancer Oscar Peters next week.

And after being accused of being a diva backstage, Caprice has told friends she feels like the victim of a ‘bullying’ campaign.

A source told The Sun: “Caprice felt she was being pushed far too hard by Hamish in training and said she felt bullied.


“She struggled to understand Hamish’s complicated in­struc­tions and said she felt he was berating her when she couldn’t pick up the moves as easily as some of the other celebs.”

They added, “Caprice also moaned Hamish would stop training if she made three mistakes, which put her on edge.

“To hear she’s being mocked as a diva because she refused to work with him any longer has been really upsetting for Caprice and she’s not happy.

“At one point, another coach was brought in to watch over their sessions because Caprice was having such a hard time.”

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A second insider has claimed that things with her new partner Oscar are going much better.

They said, “She’s thrown herself into training after the debacle with Hamish.”

It comes after another source said that Caprice and Hamish’s relationship had become so “toxic” it was “unworkable”.

The insider told The Sun, “She felt he was pushing her too hard in training and Caprice started to struggle.

“In the end it became completely unworkable for them to carry on and after speaking with the bosses they called it quits. It was getting toxic so stopping the partnership was best for everyone.”