Cara Delevingne shows that she doesn't need the paparazzi after ranting about them on Twitter, as she and Kate Moss have a sexy photoshoot on Instagram

What do you do when you invite one of your mates round for the evening? Watch a film, have some dinner, maybe open up a nice bottle of red?

Well, not if you’re supermodels like Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss.

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If you’re the world’s most famous models then you roll around on the bed in your knick-knacks and take sultry photos of one another. Of course you do.

41-year-old Kate Moss was giving the camera a sly alluring look over her shoulder, as she laid on her front in a black bra and some black tights. Why don’t we ever look like this in our tights?!

While 23-year-old Cara donned her topless body with a pretty chic fur jacket (and a appropriately placed star), and paired it was an equally as fashionable pair of Superman pants. Again, if we had those knickers on, we would just look like a child.

The pair are currently in Milan promoting a Mango campaign together, and while there, poor ol’ Cara has had a bit of a nightmare with the paparazzi and took to Twitter to tell them just how she felt about them.

Speaking out about the paparazzi in Milan, she said how they made her feel like a zoo animal and how one day she will find out where they live and camp outside their houses with her mates, armed with cameras. What a scary thought!

She apologised for ranting and ended it saying ‘you just have to laugh sometimes’ and ‘who needs privacy anyway?’

Aw Cara – don’t let those pesky paps get you down!

You don’t need them anyway with Kate Moss taking your snaps!

Amy Lo