Say whaaat? Where do we sign up? #AllTheSingleLadies

They might be the best-looking BFFs ever but even Cara Delevingne and Rihanna have had trouble finding lasting love.

So now the pair are taking matters into their own hands and plan to launch an exclusive dating club to meet Mr Right.

Members will be offered the services of a £155,000 matchmaker, who’ll set single ladies up on double dates with hand-picked bachelors.

If only we had that kind of cash to spare…

Ri-Ri, 25, and Cara, 21, decided to team up on the venture after realising that the solo life can be very lonely.

Cara recently said: ‘I went to Greece and it was a lot of couples and I felt alone, which made me sad.

‘I called Rihanna and she said: “It’s easy to drown yourself in work. That’s a form of escapism. So if you’re alone and you want to cry, just cry.”‘

Our source adds: ‘Cara and Rihanna have been leaning on each other a lot lately. Their exclusive club will be formed of single friends looking for love and they’ll arrange a string of girls-only trips.’

Sounds like a great idea – we reckon Miley Cyrus and Ellie Goulding will be first in the queue to sign up!

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