Cara Delevingne has a new best mate… AGAIN

We love Cara Delevingne, but her latest antic tests her friends’ loyalties even more than she sharpens her eyebrow pencil (which we imagine is a lot).

The 22-year-old model was recently pictured with rapper Nicki Minaj, who she met at a Beyonce and Jay-Z On The Run tour gig in Paris.

Nicki had just performed the Flawless remix on stage with Beyonce, in a surprise appearance, when the pair were introduced backstage.

They apparently hit it off instantly and are already BFFs, talking on the phone every night.
Soz Selena Gomez – that probs explains why all of your Cara calls are going straight to voicemail…

A source said: ‘Cara has developed a new and deep friendship with Nicki. The pair have been talking almost every night since they met in Paris. Nicki has been giving her advice on everything from music to relationships. Cara has played Nicki music that she’s been working on to get feedback.’

Cara has even uploaded an Instagram snap of Nicki‘s famous Anaconda album cover, with her own head photoshopped over Nicki‘s. Hmmm – obsession, much?

Still, we really do love the idea of this new showbiz power couple. We just can’t help but worry for Cara‘s old mates…

It seems only a few months ago that Cara was splashing her friendships with Selena Gomez and Suki Waterhouse all over Instagram.

They partied together, they holidayed together and they pulled a lot of silly faces together. They were pretty much the world’s tightest IT girl gang – and we wanted in.

Then there was Cara‘s tight friendship with fellow model Jourdan Dunn, period of palliness with pop star Rihanna and hip-joiningly close friendship with ‘wifey’ Rita Ora.

We know you’re popular Cara – but we just can’t keep up anymore!

She is fast becoming the Henry VIII equivalent of the modelling world – six wifeys that she leaves when she gets bored (we guess they should be grateful they’re not beheaded).

Choose a best mate, and blooming stick with them.

(FYI: We’re available to hang out all the time, any time. Whenever.)

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Kim Gregory