Each to their own, we guess...

It’s fair to say that we probably know more than a fair bit about our bunch of Love Island lovelies. Like, we literally watched them fall in love on national TV, we’re practically their in-laws.

However, it would appear that someone who knows altogether too much about one particular couple is Nathan and Cara‘s puppy Sunny…

Family day making @sonny_the_loveisland_frenchie feel at home 🙈 it's a dogs life 🐶

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In fact, the winners of this years Love Island have recently revealed a pretty strange factor of their life outside the Love Island villa… and it involves their shared pup.

Speaking to New magazine, the couple were discussing their openness around the topic of sex- with Nathan explaining that ‘It’s the most natural thing in life. If you don’t have a good sex life, then it’s boring’.

So far, so relatively normal- right?!

Okay, plot twist: Cara then added, ‘Last night we were having sex and Nathan was like, ‘babe Sunny can see us’! I was like ‘he doesn’t know whats going on’. He doesn’t even have testicles yet’.

Yup- looks like this is one couple that probably never stop laughing.

Already having had some parenting practice with their pooch, the couple then went on to discuss plans to become real parents: with Cara sharing that she would like ‘three boys and one girl’, with the couple agreeing that they’d be ‘sick’ parents.

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And for marriage? Nathan shares, ‘We are going strong at the minute but I’m not going to marry someone I’ve known for six months. I’ll give it a couple of years’.

Cara then added, ‘It’ll happen when it’s right. We want a career first, we want to buy a house. We want to have a nice set-up so when we do have a baby we can take the time off to look after them. There’s no rush’.

We know, we know… Couple goals or what?!

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