She accused him of trying to imitate his predecessor…

Bad mouthing your ex is all very well (and pretty inevitable TBH) – but publically shaming your former husband for what we’re guessing is a pretty sensitive subject for him does seem a bit much…

But, never one to hold back, Carol McGiffin has criticised Chris Evans’ presenting of Top Gear – even suggesting that she prefers Clarkson!

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, the former loose women panellist said: ‘The problem Chris has now is he’s trying to take the name and make it the same with a different line-up, but that won’t wash with the fans.

‘When certain people leave, especially someone as popular as Jeremy Clarkson, you can’t replicate the magic they bring to the table – although Chris is clearly trying to do that.’


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She also said that she ‘didn’t bother’ watching the new top gear as ‘it held no interest’ for her – but she does watch old repeats of the Clarkson version.

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Carol and Chris were married for eight years in the 1990s – back when they looked like this

We’re guessing they’re not quite so happy with each other now…

Especially because this is such a sore subject for Chris – given that reviews of his performance on the show have garnered fairly cold reviews, and viewing figures are dwindling – last Sunday’s had the lowest yet of 2.4 million.

Polly Foreman / @ForemanPolly