TV presenter broke her nose when she fell down flight of stairs

Carol Vorderman has spoken of her anger at rumours she’s tried to cover up a secret nose job.

The TV presenter reportedly broke her nose after falling down a flight of stairs after tripping in 4in high heels.

But Twitter users soon started to speculate that Carol had gone under the knife and suggested the accident story was a fib, something that the Loose Women star has strongly denied.

I sent out some photos after it happened just because there were some stupid rumours going round,’ says Carol, 52.

You’ll see how the nose was bent immediately afterwards, so that’s proof there. I knew I’d broken my nose as soon as I hit it, so obviously I screamed. There was blood everywhere.’

Carol has also rowed with the Twitter trolls over the jibes.

One Tweeter commented: Obviously it’s not a nose job, in the same way that Fern Britton didnt have a gastric band!!!

And the angry TV presenter responded: are you a complete idiot or just doing a good impression of one?

After the follower defended their comments, Carol added: then you are an idiot… or a sheep ….. hope you learn to develop your own opinion one day

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Anna Francis