Loose Women presenter popular with One Direction star

Carol Vorderman has admitted she’s flattered that Harry Styles called her his ideal woman.

The One Direction heartthrob, 19, has previously admitted to liking cougars with brains, vibe and cheekiness’ and former Countdown star Carol fits the bill perfectly.

It’s very amusing!’ says Carol, 52.

To me it shows that younger people don’t have the attitude to age that older people have.

I can go out with a group of friends in their 30s and they don’t think, “Oh, Carol’s knocking on a bit!”

Younger people don’t think twice about age – I think it’s my age group and older who have more difficulty.’

Carol, who is dating 37-year-old Red Arrows pilot Graham Duff, admits she has a rather saucy way of keeping in shape.

I get asked this a lot but I’ve been told I can’t say what I usually say, which is a three-letter word beginning with “S”!’ the cheeky Loose Women host tells TV Extra.

Apart from that, I walk a lot. I’m not a gym bunny.’

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