After a year apart, Carol Vorderman and her man are giving it another go - yay!

Carol Vorderman is officially off the market again – sorry, boys!


Carol Vorderman’s naked treadmill accident!

The maths whizz and telly presenter has revealed that she’s got back together with her ex-boyfriend Graham ‘Duffy’ Duff, one year after they split, and it sounds like she’s happier than ever.

‘I’m dating again, and he is not ­necessarily a new man…” says Carol, 54.

‘Yes, it’s Duffy. It’s quite a recent thing but we’re very happy.’

As if that wasn’t lovely enough, Carol has also said THE most adorable thing about her fella, adding: ‘There’s nothing not to love about Duffy.’

Awww, Vorders! Carol has known 40-year-old Red Arrows pilot Duffy for several years after meeting through her fundraising work for the RAF and they started dating in 2012.

Sadly they ended their relationship last year but are now loved-up again.

The duo share a passion for flying, with Carol earning her pilot’s licence in 2013, and it sounds like Duffy will help Carol to plan the solo around-the-world trip she’s hoping to embark on next year.

‘It has been my dream for decades,’ she says. ‘I’m totally obsessed with flying.’

They might both be used to manning an aircraft but it sounds like Carol and Duffy don’t squabble over who takes the reins when they fly together.

In fact the former Countdown star thinks her boyfriend is the ‘ideal travel companion’.

‘He and I are used to being trapped in a cockpit… so we travel very well together,’ she tells the Mirror. Well that’s pretty helpful!

Carol’s reunion with Duffy comes after she previously defended their 14-year age gap, saying: ‘What on Earth has age got to do with it?

‘I like people for who they are, regardless of age.’

The presenter was married twice before her relationship with Duffy. She wed Royal Navy officer Christopher Mather in 1985 but they split a year later.

Carol then had daughter Katie and son Cameron with second husband Patrick King, who she got hitched to in 1990. They ended their relationship in 2000.

Over the years she’s attracted quite a few admirers – remember when a certain Harry Styles admitted to having a crush on her?! – so we think her reunion with Duffy could well break a few hearts!

Anna Francis