The Love Island host talks dating

She hosts one of the country’s most popular dating shows, but that doesn’t mean Caroline Flack has the dating game sussed out. Far from it.

In fact, having dated the likes of Harry Styles and even Prince Harry – the star has been notoriously unlucky in love.

And, with the return of Love Island just a matter of days away, Caroline has been reflecting on her own chequered dating history and likened her varying type to trying ‘different flavours of crisps.’ Amazing.


On what she’s looking for in a man, the 39-year-old explained: ‘Just someone to have a laugh with, someone that doesn’t mind that I’m a really bad cook — so someone who can cook.

‘It changes all the time, it’s a chemistry thing. I don’t have a complete type at all, no. You’ve got to try different flavours of crisps.’

Caroline was mostly recently linked to hunky rugby player, Danny Cipriani, but the TV star revealed she’s ‘content on her own’ having called off their romance already.


‘Caroline and Danny had a lot of fun together and she’s very fond of him – but long-term it wasn’t going to work,’ an insider confirmed.

‘They’ve decided to end it and stay friends. Caroline has a busy summer ahead of her and is already moving on by dating other people.’

Their fling started when Danny ‘couldn’t keep his hands off’ the TV star after her whirlwind engagement to Big Brother star, Andrew Brady, broke down earlier this year.

And while Cazza has received some flack – no pun intended – for always dating younger men – Andrew and Danny included – she’s not ashamed at all.

‘As much as some people seem to want me to feel shame or embarrassment about who I am, I really don’t.

‘And if “cougar” is supposed to be some kind of insult, I’m taking control of that and turning it into a badge of honour. I’m Caroline Louise Flack and I’m Queen of the Cougars.’

You go girl!