Erm, what?!

Love Island host, Caroline Flack has confessed to having a very unusual obsession- and it could be the weirdest food habit we’ve heard for a while.

Caroline Flack

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The 39-year-old telly babe recently opened up about addictions, claiming she doesn’t have many or an ‘addictive personality’.

But one foodie obsession she did admit to is a rather bizarre one.

Speaking on Channel 4’s The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan in an episode that is set to be aired tonight, Caz said: ‘I’m not addicted to a lot of things, like I don’t drink a lot of coffee and I don’t have an addictive personality.

‘But I religiously like to eat roast dinners. Now you can’t have a roast dinner every day, can you? So sometimes I just have a cup of gravy.


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‘I just like Bisto. In fact, they sent me a range with my names on the pack.’

Gravy goals!

This odd admission follows news that Caroline managed to shed a stone by cutting sugar out of her diet, reportedly going from a size 12 to size eight in 2016 after she embarked on a 12-week sugar free detox.

At the time, the brunette beauty told the Express: ‘ I went really hard with my detox. I probably went a little overboard because I was really strict in those 12-weeks.

‘But cutting sugar made the most difference to my body. It’s the devil. It’s addictive and it’s in so many things you wouldn’t even think of.

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Early riser

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‘Sugar is put in sauces, breads and yoghurts. It’s not always obvious but so many things are packed in sugar.’

Dishing the details on her slimmed down figure, Flack went on to explain: ‘Breakfast is a huge meal for me. I have eggs, avocado and bacon. I try to avoid bread or fruits and vegetables high in sugar, like tomatoes.’

Speaking to the publication, Caroline explained that restricting calories was not the way forward for her, adding: ‘But I don’t calorie count. I like to eat a lot to fuel me for a big day or a good workout.’