Presenter had traumatic experience

Caroline Flack has revealed that she had a near-death experience as a child.

The Xtra Factor presenter nearly drowned when she fell into water and struggled to get out during a family trip abroad.

I was about four and we were on holiday in Spain,’ says Caroline, 34.

I tumbled into a swimming pool wearing a rubber ring and landed head down in the water, unable to right myself.

My mother was watching in horror from the balcony of our apartment and screamed at my dad to rescue me.

I remember being weirdly calm, even though I was trapped upside down; time seemed to stand still – and then my dad grabbed me.’

The terrifying incident left Caroline with a phobia of water but she bravely tackled it head-on by learning to dive in her 20s.

I was tired of being scared,’ Harry Styles‘ ex tells You Magazine.

I’m quite good at forcing myself to confront my demons: I had hypnotherapy to overcome my phobia of spiders and learnt to drive, despite the fact that I was terrified…’

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