X Factor presenter Caroline Flack didn’t get a good reaction after asking Simon Cowell this...

Caroline Flack was thrilled to take over as host of The X Factor with good pal Olly Murs this year but feared she’d been SACKED just one day into the job.

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The 35-year-old star has revealed how she asked head honcho Simon Cowell a question she quickly came to regret – and one that was CUT from the final edit of the first show.

‘The first question I asked him was ridiculous and they didn’t put it in the show,’ says Caroline.

‘It was the first thing I asked him on the first day of filming: “After 12 years on the show, do you think you’ve rinsed all the talent in the UK?”’

Uh-oh, we would NOT want to have been on the receiving end of Simon’s reaction to that!

It certainly sounds like the 55-year-old music mogul didn’t take it too well if Caroline’s description is anything to go by…

‘His face went like, “What kind of a question is that?”’ the presenter tells the Mirror.

‘I thought, “I’m sacked”.’

Don’t worry, Cazza, we’ve all had those moments where you say something you later regret. Although luckily for us we’ve never been faced with the aftermath of a Simon Cowell clanger…

Fortunately Simon obviously forgave Caroline for her slip-up as she’s still in the job – phew!

We don’t blame the former Strictly Come Dancing champ for getting a bit nervous around Mr Cowell.

During her time as a presenter on X Factor’s spin-off show The Xtra Factor between 2011 and 2013, Caroline never worked with Simon as her stint coincided with the years where he wasn’t a judge on the show.

Luckily all seems to be going well now, despite THAT ill thought-out question, and Caroline recently admitted that she’s not intimidated by him.

‘He’s not scary, I get on with him,’ she told Cosmopolitan magazine. ‘It’s funny, you can be in a room with him and not know he’s there.

‘Then suddenly, everything changes… and you realise he’s just walked in.’

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