Want to see Aidan Turner, AKA Poldark, out of those stiff jackets and in some 21st century clobber? Well, look no further


Poldark, we love it. It’s the programme that is sexing up our Sunday nights and featuring heavily in those Monday morning’s water cooler chats!

But we can’t help but wonder what the cast look like off screen. So, we did a little digging to find out and were amazed!

Firstly there’s our hero, the moody Ross Poldark, played by handsome Irish actor Aidan Turner, and the man who’s certainly turning a few heads and getting us rather hot under the collar. We’re no stranger to Aidan’s work in Being Human and The Hobbit but he’s really in his element as our broody, Cornish mine owner. In ‘normal’ clothes or as Poldark, Aidan still looks amazing!

Next up is the woman who has got a very keen interest in Poldark, Demelza. Up until now she’s been kept in the kitchen looking a bit shabby, but actress Eleanor Tomlinson is a flame-haired goddess! We’re sure, with a bit of a make over and a new cloak, she’ll be turning our hero’s head in no time. We loved Eleanor in The White Queen but also remember her as the awkward teenager in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging back in 2008.

Demelza‘s nemesis, and the woman whom Ross still holds a candle for, is his cousin, Elizabeth, played by actress Heida Reid. She’s the opposite of Demelza with her dark, flowing locks and olive skin and she’s a bit of heart breaker too.

Poldark is Heida‘s first leading role and she’s doing rather well at making Ross look like a heartbroken puppy. Those eyes! Of camera she’s just as gorgeous!

Poldark‘s plain cousin, Verity, is played by actress Ruby Bentall. Off camera we were amazed at how gorgeous Ruby looks away from playing the rather put upon spinster who falls for anunsuitable sailor.

Finally, Beatie Edney as lazy servant Prudie gives Demelza a run for her money. Beatie is back after quite a long break in a career that started off on a high as Highlander Christopher Lambert’s love interest Heather in Highlander.

OMG! Could Poldark be our new unlikely style icon?

Poldark Aidan Turner’s sex face revealed! And did we mention he’s naked?

Carol Hendry