Tara becomes a star after chasing away neighbour's pet

A cat named Tara has been hailed a hero after rescuing a little boy from a dog attack.

CCTV footage emerged this week of former stray Tara jumping onto the Labrador-Chow mix and chasing it away after the animal viciously bit four-year-old Jeremy Triantafilo‘s leg.

The clip sees Jeremy – who has mild autism – playing on a bicycle outside his home in Bakersfield, California before a neighbour’s dog sneaks up behind him and pulls him to the floor.

After brave Tara scares the creature off, she’s captured running back to check Jeremy is okay.

Jeremy‘s family gave Tara a home in 2008 when she followed them home from a local park, despite his mum Erica being allergic to cats.

Erica‘s says the pet ‘really just adopted us’.

Since the incredible incident on Tuesday, the footage has gone viral on the internet and it’s been announced that new celebrity Tara will ‘throw out’ the first pitch at a Bakersfield baseball game next week.

Jeremy needed ten stitches on his leg after the attack. Police have said that the dog will be put down after a 10-day quarantine.

‘Forget the guard dog, I want #SuperCat!’ wrote one amazed Twitter user.

Another wrote: ‘Tara the Cat is a badass cat! In a good way, such a majestic beast lol.’

Watch Tara the cat save Jeremy Triantafilo from a dog…


Anna Duff