After three years of marriage, Cat Deeley announces that she’s expecting her first child with Patrick Kielty

Cat Deeley and Patrick Kielty have announced that they’re going to be parents – yay!


The lovely couple shared the pregnancy news via Twitter last night when Cat, 38, posted a cute message for her fans…

Awww! After revealing that she and comedian Patrick, 44, are expecting their first child Cat was inundated with congratulatory messages from her followers.

One fan sweetly wrote: ‘Maaasive masive congrats! Your baby will have the biggiest smile, just like you do. X’

Another commented: ‘Congratulations, madam! 🙂 I expect a little dancer, for sure! ^_^’

This could well be true if Cat has her way! The bubbly presenter fronts talent show So You Think You Can Dance in the US and it sounds like she’s quite keen for her offspring to be a bit of a mover.

When the programme’s official Twitter account sent a Tweet asking Cat if her child might take part in the show one day, she cutely replied:

Well may as well start them early, eh?

Cat Deely and Patrick Kielty have been married since 2012 but were friends for many years beforehand. They even once collaborated professionally when they presented Fame Academy together in 2002.

Last month Patrick revealed how he wooed her by jetting out to see her in Los Angeles for her birthday after years of not acting on their attraction.

‘There had always been a spark between us, but either she was with someone or I was, and then she moved to LA, so opportunities for something to develop were limited,’ the Irish star told Event Magazine.

‘Unless someone was stupid enough to get on a plane, nothing would have happened.’

He also recently hinted at becoming a father in a recent interview with the Birmingham Mail, joking: ‘I hope any child we might have has Cat’s looks and my accent.’

Congratulations, you two!

Anna Francis