The only time we've ever wished we were a fish. David Beckham and son Brooklyn enjoyed a father-son bonding day fishing in Dorset

An ability to make a man-band sexy is one thing, but an ability to make fishing sexy? Now that is a whole other kettle of fish (ahem…). David Beckham, you are one sexy sea-dog.

If you’re wondering what on earth is the link between David, 40, and cod then you have come to the right place.

David and son Brooklyn, 16, have shared some Instagram snaps of themselves enjoying a spot of fishing with the aid of a local fisherman during a father-son day out in Dorset, Weymouth.

David’s first post, captioned ‘Bonding time with your kids is always so special… Dad and Brooklyn fishing outing’, shows the pair dressed to collectively impress the haddocks of the Weymouth Sea in matching tweed flat-caps.

And the fish were certainly impressed as the following post displayed what can only be described as a shark in disguise as a fish, captioned ‘A nice John Dory that the captain said it’s the 2nd biggest he had seen’. And this is officially the only time we’ve ever wished we were a fish.

Of course all this sea pandemonium didn’t go unnoticed, as the father and son arrived back to a dock full of excited fans whom David happily posed with. With the fresh water selection on board the Beckham boat we wouldn’t have been able to contain ourselves either.

And as if that wasn’t all exciting enough, it turns out the duo fueled up for their adventures on the ‘Katie Ann’ in none other than the local Morrisons cafè. And in case you want to know what David has for breakfast (we’re not judging), the store manager has revealed ‘David had a bacon and egg roll. He was very pleasant and courteous to our staff and personally wished me a good day’.

Brooklyn certainly didn’t shy away from the country bumpkin vibes (is that a thing?). After posting several fishing boat selfless of the day (as you do), he next shared a countryside snap of himself and a vintage car captioned ‘First driving lesson. Very Gatsby!’.

Egg rolls, Lobsters and matching Beckham tweed flat-cap… just another day in the office of course.

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Alice Perry