Comedienne loved travelling by Tardis...

Catherine Tate plays Dr Who’s assistant in a one-off Christmas special – but was she bovvered?

She says she loved being Billie Piper’s replacement, but is simply too busy with other projects to do any more episodes.

‘I’m Dr Who’s stop-gap assistant,’ she smiles. ‘In the last episode of the last series, Billie left, and, at the last minute, this new girl arrives in a wedding dress on the Tardis.’

‘The Christmas special picks ups from there,’ she tells the Daily Express Saturday magazine.
‘We have these massive adventures and, at the end, the Doctor says, “Will you come with me?” and I say no. It was great to do just one episode.’

The 37-year-old mum-of-one has just started working on the feature film Mrs Radcliffe’s Revolution and The Catherine Tate Show is currently in its third run on BBC2 every Thursday.