Mrs Michael Douglas new mums in the US are so competitive

Catherine Zeta Jones is scathing about celebrity mums who rush to lose their pregnancy pounds.

‘I think it’s awful this competition in the US between actresses who just had a baby, to see who’s first to get back to their normal weight,’ she says.

‘It’s insane. I find this wave of super-skinny women scary.’

The Welsh siren, 38, claims that the constant attention makes stars insecure.

‘Every time you go out, you’re photographed, criticised or judged,’ she tells OK! ‘Nobody likes to be under that constant pressure.’

Catherine, who seems to have lost a few pounds recently herself, insists it’s no effort for her to drop a dress size.

‘It’s quick for me to get back in shape,’ she insists, ‘but I’m not fanatical.’

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Hannah Davies