Uh-oh, Sam's in trouble...

Celebrity Big Brother’s Sam Thompson has landed himself in very hot water following a controversial incident in the house bedroom.

The Made In Chelsea star has been issued with an official WARNING from Big Brother after he playfully flicked the nipple of Jemma Lucy when she was trying on a dress belonging to fellow housemate Trisha Paytas.


Louise Thompson reveals concerns for brother Sam Thompson on CBB

In scenes to be shown on Thursday night’s show, 29-year-old Jemma puts on a revealing frock that exposes her breasts and Sam, 24, is astonished when he enters the bedroom and sees her.

‘What are you wearing? he says. ‘Oh look at those t*ts!’

Sam then goes up to Jemma and flicks her nipple.

The incident doesn’t go unnoticed by Big Brother and Ex On The Beach star Jemma is soon called to the Diary Room to discuss it.

Whilst there she says that she wasn’t offended by what Sam did but that doesn’t prevent him from getting a telling off.

Louise Thompson’s little brother has to go to the Diary Room afterwards and is informed by Big Brother that he’s been given a warning due to his ‘invasive behaviour’.

It certainly looks like there are no hard feelings between Jemma and Sam after the incident though as the pair join Amelia Lily later on to discuss the blossoming flirtation between Sam and Amelia.

Sam admits he had a difficult time in the outside world following his split from MIC co-star Tiffany Watson and explains that he doesn’t want a romance in the house – but is keen to potentially date Amelia once it’s all over.

‘I didn’t come here expecting to meet anyone,’ he tells the girls. ‘There is a bit more to it, obviously, for me.

‘I’m also aware that I have come out of a relationship very recently. I’m wary that I don’t want to f**k anything up in this sh*t, weird place.

‘I don’t want a “show-mance” or anything like that. I would quite like to take you for a drink afterwards.’

Sounds promising! Now let’s hope that Sam can stay out of Big Brother’s bad books for the rest of his time in the house.