Sarah has concerns about becoming a mum

Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson might have only been an item for a matter of days but they’ve already been talking babies.

In scenes to be aired on Tuesday night’s edition of Celebrity Big Brother, Girls Aloud star Sarah reveals that she’s keen to become a mum but admits she’s getting more ‘scared’ about pregnancy as she gets older.


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Whilst chatting with Chad and Derek Acorah in the garden, Sarah explains: ‘There is so much I want to do, so much travelling.

‘I’m at that age now where I want to settle down and have a family too. It would be nice to have a family and share that with a family, as well.’

Sarah, 35, then candidly says how she’s worried that she’ll find parenthood harder if she leaves it too much longer.

‘The older I get, the more scared I am about the pregnancy situation,’ the singer tells Chad and Derek. ‘I just don’t want to be too old I can’t enjoy it.

‘I’m still a big kid in my head, it’s just my body I worry about.’

Despite this serious part of the conversation, Chad lightens the tone when he asks Sarah if she’d like girls or boys.

‘I’m having a girl, according to Derek!’ she replies, referring to the TV psychic’s recent prediction that Sarah would have a daughter and Chad, 30, would be the father.

The Bachelor star then jokingly says: ‘We shall name her Megatron. Megatron Johnson.’

‘Um, no,’ Sarah replies. ‘Just wait and see what she looks like.’

Ooh, intriguing! The baby chat comes just days after Sarah and Chad officially became boyfriend and girlfriend.

Despite having their ups and downs in the house, the pair are still together and many viewers were left shocked when footage of them getting steamy in bed was aired over the weekend.

Now with just days to go until Friday night’s finale, it looks like Sarah and Chad are turning their thoughts to their future outside of the house…