Look away, Chloe Khan...

It’s fair to say that Stephen Bear hasn’t been the easiest housemate to love in Celebrity Big Brother.

His penchant for wasting food, making noise and generally being a master wind-up merchant has made him pretty unforgettable. Nevertheless, Bear’s had his fair share of admirers in the house – and he may now have a new one, in the form of Frankie Grande!

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In a conversation with his fellow housemate Marnie Simpson, social media personality Frankie reveals that upon first sight Bear tickled his fancy – not her boyfriend, recent evictee Lewis Bloor.

Frankie Grande body roll Celebrity Big Brother GIF

‘No, I fancied Bear,’ Ariana Grande’s half-bro told the Geordie Shore star. ‘100 percent. There’s no question.’

Though Frankie and Bear have butted heads many a time during the show’s run, their squabbles never seem to last for long, as Frankie will act as the bigger person and forgive whatever whacky antic of his that’s caused the rift. And perhaps those big ol’ blue eyes of Bear’s have helped to smooth things over…

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Frankie’s not the only one who’s felt the same way – Renee Graziano, Aubrey O’Day and of course, Chloe Khan have also expressed appreciation for the way he looks, if not his polarising personality.

Continuing to Marnie, Frankie expounds on how Bear’s style of dress initially convinced him that he was also gay.

‘I was like, he’s absolutely gay.

‘In America, that’s what all the hot gay boys dress like… he would fit in my circle of friends very easily.’

After infamously dumping his Ex on the Beach love Lillie Lexie Gregg for Chloe – and then getting emotionally confronted by Lillie in the house – Bear’s love life status is much up for debate. But who knows? A new romance could be right under his nose…

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