Former Apprentice contestant and CBB’s James Hill poses for aTeen Magazine

We love a cheeky chappy, and there’s not a cheekier lad out there right now than Celebrity Big Brother’s James Hill – he’s even giving Olly Murs a run for his money

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And now James has only got our hearts all in tizzy as he strips down to his tighty whiteys for aTeen magazine.

Before you go chasing after James down the street though, you might find ourselves surrounded by a bunch of boys.

‘To be honest gay guys try it on with me more than girls, but I’m cool with that as I’m comfortable with my sexuality.’

Seems like James got plenty of attention of boys and gals alike then, lucky thing.

The 26-year-old also opened up in the interview about how he finds it hard to look after his body and stay in shape, sharing that he needs ‘good food and plenty of motivation’ to staying shape.

‘It’s important whoever we are to look after out bodies, be happy and feel great about ourselves.’

‘We are all sexy to someone!’

YES WE ARE JAMES. Motivating stuff.

As for his love life though, he’s not a casual kind of guy: “I’m not the kid of guy that’s into one night stands. I find it much more interesting getting to know someone first.’ Ooh, sounds like he’s more a chocolates-and-flowers kind of guy!

And ol’ Jamey boy even threw in a sex ed lesson into his interview for us…

‘Safe sex is very important, especially with new partners. We need to act responsible and use protection. NO GLOVE NO LOVE!’

There we have it kids – follow Mr. Hill’s advice.

James is currently in the Celebrity Big Brother house and has become pretty chummy with American contestant Austin. They’re like Chandler and Joey!