Is Stephanie Davis descended from a long line of goldfish or something? Because her memory is SHORT.

Just minutes after kicking off at Big Brother in the Diary Room for ‘ruining her relationship’ with boyfriend Sam Reece in the outside world, Stephanie Davis was getting into bed with CBB housemate Jeremy McConnell.

And that was after Jeremy told her they needed to cut out their constant flirting earlier in the day.

Any of this ringing any bells, Steph?


The actress and Jeremy have become super close in the house – so much so that her IRL boyfriend Sam announced on Twitter he no longer considered he and Steph in a relationship – and it’s clear by her teary rants in the Diary Room that she knows her and Jez’ touchy-feely antics won’t look good on camera.

And yet, she can’t seem to stay away.

Thursday’s episode showed Steph getting upset over how she might be seen by viewers and her (ex?) boyfriend, telling BB that it was all down to them: ‘You’ve turned everything you possibly could against me. I just want to go and get Sam, he’s my priority. Thank you for ruining my relationship.

‘I’m not having Sam upset out there, it’s not fair.’

No-one’s forcing you to stroke Jezza’s biceps, love.

Then, within the time it takes Tiffany Pollard to rile everyone in the house, Stephanie was cuddling up to Jeremy in bed, with the pair seeming to kiss beneath the covers.

See Steph’s amazing body transformation!

When Steph finally decided to go back to her own bed, she told Jeremy ‘Night babes’ but complained she was all alone, to which he then replied ‘I love you long time.’

LOVE?! They’re busting out the love word when only hours before Jeremy told Steph: ‘I don’t want you not having a fella. I wouldn’t be cuddling you and sleeping in bed with girls if I had a girlfriend on the outside world. It’s making me look like a f**king idiot.’

#confused. Seriously.