Rebecca Ferguson, Dawn O'Porter and Rufus Hound have all shown their support...

An image showing a three-year-old boy washed up on a Turkish beach has heartbroken thousands of us in a matter of hours.

The arresting picture of Aylan Kurdi faced down in the sand has truly brought home the struggle asylum seekers are facing.

The boy was desperately trying to escape the plight ISIS in war torn Syria where hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers are being forced to leave.

The shocking image reminded us all how serious this problem is and the fact that something needs to be done as soon as possible.

In celeb-land stars tweeted their support to refugees, many of whom are being ignored by governments.

Dawn O’Porter wrote:


Kiyiya Vuran Insanlik roughly translates as ‘coast of humanity’.

Rebecca Ferguson also took to Twitter to vent her frustration over the situation: ‘People are quiet about political situations because they’re cowards I say no child should die floating in the sea end of!

‘Immigrants aren’t the reason your life’s a mess your life’s a mess because of the shit choices you made! Stop blaming foreigners Rant over’

Actor Rufus Hound added:

Labour MP Yvette Cooper also tweeted her support: ‘We must do more to help refugees.Pls sign petition urging government to act. #refugeeswelcome ‘

Meanwhile, a baby born to a refugee mum at a railway station has been named Hope.

The girl, whose mother is a Syrian widow, was delivered in a filthy subway next to a main international terminal in Hungary.

The newborn joined 2,000 tired and starving refugees who are desperate to find a new, safe life in Europe.

Hope arrived at besieged Keleti station in Budapest where stranded families sleep rough on cardboard and blankets in a litter-strewn camp.

She named the baby ‘Shems’, meaning ‘sunlight and hope’ in her war-ravaged homeland.

Benjamin Potter