In Channel 4’s documentary Sugar Rush, Jamie Oliver opens the nations eyes to how much sugar we all consume


Jamie Oliver is on another mission people.
After changing school dinners as we knew them 10 years ago– to the disappointment to many a turkey twizzler loving child –he now tackling that quiet little troublemaker in our daily diet- sugar.

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How much sugar do you consume in your everyday life? Bet you think not much – you don’t have a sweet tooth or anything. Yeah, that’s what we thought too. But holy moly you won’t believe how much we ACTUALLY put into our bodies.

In the one-hour programme, Jamie’s Sugar Rush, the 40-year-old chef shows us the devasting effects that sugar can have on our bodies.

Every year, 26,000 primary school-age kids go to hospital because of rotten teeth, and pulling them out costs the NHS a whopping £30 million a year.

And it’s not just rotting teeth – there’s the big issue of obesity and diabetes as well. Three out of five kids leave school being obese or overweight, and type two diabetes costs £9 billion a year on the NHS. Yikes.

‘We’re kind of taking the piss out of it [the NHS].’

‘We need to help these guys do their job and focus on the things that really matter, not pulling out bloody teeth because there’s too much sugary shit in the environment.’

‘I definitely feel fired up, definitely up for a bit of a fight.’

Oh, we do love it when Mr.Oliver gets all fired up over an issue.

With Jamie wanting the UK to enforce a sugar tax, he’s not tackling this issue alone, as celebrities tweeted support, including couple Millie Mackintosh and Professor Green, and Britain’s got Talent judge Alesha Dixon.

We’ll pass on that Malibu and Coke next time cheers.

Amy Lo