We can't wait for the dramaz

They’ve barely had time to unpack their cases yet and three of this years Celebrity Big Brother lot are already facing eviction.

After winning a task, Jeremy McConnell, Scotty T and Stephanie Davis were summoned to the diary room to each place one fellow housemate up for eviction. And it’s already getting beautifully bitchy. Which we’re loving, obv.


Scotty T chose Winston McKenzie to face the chop, telling Big Brother: ‘Every time I cook he can’t wait for everyone else to have his food. He’s always like ‘gimme it, gimme it.’

Steph nominated Kristina Rhianoff after they upset the Russian dancer, revealing: ‘Cause me and Jezza are next to each other and laughing all night, and we kept her up. She was angry at both of us as we kept her up.”

And then Irish fittie Jeremy nominated Nancy Dell’Olio, adding: ‘I find she can be a bit controlling when we’re having a laugh. A bit intimidating.’

Who’d you reckon will be the first to leave? We’re putting our money on Wineston who made THESE shock homophobic comments before entering the house.

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