And Ann was not very happy...

Celebrity Big Brother finished on a high on Friday evening as drag queen Courtney Act – aka Shane Jenek – was crowned the winner.


But it was runner up Ann Widdecombe who really got fans talking after she sat down for a chat with host Emma Willis – and things became very awkward very quickly…


In amongst talk about the former MP’s time in the house, Emma asked Ann: ‘How will you think you’re going to fare now going back to just you with your lovely cats that you adore?’

‘Well I don’t have any cats that’s misinformation,’ Anne snapped back. Before adding: ‘I used to but they died.’

Okay… And after some rather awkward giggling, Emma then joked: ‘Now I feels awful because I just mentioned her dead cats.’

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Things only got worse when 41-year-old Emma went to ask a question she ‘already knew the answer to’, and Ann hit back: ‘So why bother asking it?’ Poor Emma…

Obviously it didn’t take fans long to pick up on the uncomfortable moment, as one viewer tweeted: ‘Emma and her high levels of research, are you looking forward to seeing your cats, Ann: their all dead.’

Another wrote: ‘Ann: “I don’t have cats. You’ve been misinformed… I had cats. They died” I AM DYING!’

And they weren’t the only ones…

Unfortunately Emma faced even more criticism from the Tory MP when she asked her whether she’d ever change her conservative opinions on homosexuality, to which Ann hit back: ‘No change.’

Before adding: ‘You could try a different line of questioning and you might get a different response. But if you stick with this you’re going to get no no no.’

Clearly taken aback by the CBB housemate, Emma replied: ‘Well maybe I’ll get some interviewing tips from you in future.’

Okay, we think we need a lie down after that…