Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison has remained silent on Twitter - but gave Now a special message for her ex inside the CBB house...

As the former Geordie Shore star Ricci Guarnaccio entered the Celebrity Big Brother house he described himself as ‘Riccilicious’ and someone who has ‘the looks, got the charm, it just works.’

But something tells us his ex fiancé, Vicky Pattison, doesn’t think so, after describing her engagement to Ricci, 27, as ‘six months of terror’.

Vicky, 26, remained silent on Twitter last night but gave Now a message for her ex: ‘Good luck, maybe he can pay me back the £8,000 he owes me now.’

Last week, Vicky, who is now loved-up with new man James Morgan, opened up for the first time about her turbulent relationship with her ex in our exclusive interview, telling us: ‘I think he’s a vindictive, evil and manipulative man.’

Vicky broke down in tears when she told Now the engagement ring
given to her by her ex-boyfriend Ricci was like ‘a pair of handcuffs’ and how their relationship went from ‘normal and loving’ to ‘evil and controlling’.

‘I’ve kept the ring,’ she revealed. ‘Ricci actually owes me money,
and he said I could keep the
ring – I’ve always said I’ll sell it but it’s horrendous… I can’t even bring
myself to open the box. It was such an awful time. I
tried once to take it to a jeweller’s and get it priced. The girl in the shop
turned to me and said: “Are you Vicky from Geordie Shore?’ and I just couldn’t
bear it at all.

‘I’ll probably get someone else to do it but at the moment it will
serve as a reminder of what he did and how I’ll never do that again.’

The self-confessed ladies’ man was banned from the Geordie Shore house several times after alcohol-fuelled rows with cast members, so only time will tell if Ricci can keep his temper under control on CBB – and if he uses his fee to pay Vicky back.

Ricci‘s rep tells Now: ‘Ricci was always very generous with Vicky, which Geordie Shore viewers saw on the show. He doesn’t owe her any money.’

Amy Brookbanks

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