Many viewers vented their anger over these scenes

Celebrity Big Brother has faced angry complaints from viewers who aren’t happy with how certain housemates are treating Sarah Harding.

Fans vented their fury on social media following scenes on Thursday night’s show which saw the Girls Aloud star end up in a row with Paul Danan, who furiously yelled at her in the garden over a comment she’d apparently made about him.


Celebrity Big Brother fans accuse Paul Danan of ‘bodyshaming’

Paul, 39, was unhappy when Brandi Glenville told him that Sarah, 35, had said he was taking pills to help with his battle against alcohol and stormed off to confront her in the smoking area.

‘What are you saying? Don’t ever say that s***,’ the former Hollyoaks star ranted. ‘Don’t ever insinuate a pill that I’ve taken.

“How f*****g dare you sink that low? What’s your f*****g problem?You’re f*****g out of order. Don’t you f*****g do that. You’re out of order.

‘I’m the one that’s clean and sober.’

Paul had to be ushered back into the house by Sandi Bogle whilst Sarah muttered: ‘He’s f***ed up.’

Jemma Lucy – who watched the row unfold – then got involved and hit out at the singer for how she’d spoken about Paul.

‘Don’t say that about him, Sarah,’ the 29-year-old said. ‘You speak to people like that.’

Paul later apologised for his outburst and for shouting at Sarah but viewers weren’t impressed and 38 complaints were made to Ofcom about how certain housemates are treating the Girls Aloud star.

Many spoke out about the scenes on social media too and criticised Paul and Jemma for their behaviour.

‘Once again Sarahs words have been twisted – and she has been attacked. Why is this being allowed? Big brother should of cleared it up,’ one watcher Tweeted, whilst another wrote: ‘Vile intimidating a woman. Didn’t give her a chance to explain!!’

Meanwhile one said: ‘Something needs to be done about Jemma and Paul! It’s actually getting uncomfortable to watch!’

A spokesperson for Ofcom tells The Sun: ‘We will assess these complaints before deciding whether or not to investigate.’

Meanwhile a Big Brother spokeswoman says: ‘Big Brother constantly monitors housemates and their behaviour.’