The former Emmerdale star has spoken out about her sex life...

Celebrity Big Brother star Roxanne Pallett has made a rather steamy confession about her sex life. Look away, Ben Jardine!

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In an interview published in The Sun, the star revealed the secret behind her svelte figure is getting jiggy with fiancé Lee Walton, the 40-year-old steel worker whom she met online.

Roxy confessed: “Honestly, I’m too lazy to sweat it out for hours when I could work out with Lee instead.

“Sex and shopping keep me in shape. My attention span wouldn’t last long on a treadmill anyway. Give me time with Lee over that any day.”


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She added: “I knew I loved Lee from the moment I met him.”

Meanwhile, Roxanne’s friendship with Ben in the Celebrity Big Brother house has been setting tongues wagging – including that of Hardeep Singh Kohli.

Sunday’s episode of CBB saw the comedian tasked with ‘roasting’ his fellow housemates in a stand-up routine, and Roxy became the focus of his act.

Referencing a sketch in which Roxanne pretended to be Ben’s wife, Hardeep mimicked the former Emmerdale star, saying: “Oooh, where’s my husband? My pretend husband who I like, but not in that way.

He added: “Lee, if you’re watching, Lee just friends Lee. I like him, but I don’t like him as much as I like chocolate.”

Whilst the other housemates laughed, the joke did NOT sit well with Roxanne, who confronted Hardeep over it.

“That wasn’t funny,” she fumed, adding: “Why did you have to bring my fiancé into it?”

Hardeep replied: “You’ve been talking about your fiancé quite a lot. I didn’t imply anything. If you’ve got a problem with it I apologise, it was not intended to be that way. It’s a roast, that’s the nature of roasts.”

Roxanne later vented to Ben, saying: “Roast my height, my accent, my singing. Don’t roast my fiancé, my actual future.

“He shouldn’t have mentioned my fiancé, what he’s just done is potentially put my relationship out of here under threat.”

However, viewers called Roxanne out over scenes that showed Ben stroking her hair, holding her hand and telling her he loved her as they lay next to each other in the bedroom.

One wrote: ‘Roxanne you are only kicking off as you know deep down your behaviour with Ben has been questionable.’

Another posted: ‘Hardeep’s roast of the housemates was brilliant, Roxanne really needs to have a word with herself, she claims to be sooo upset over the roast yet continues to slever all over Ben!! Make your mind up girl..#teamhardeep’

Yikes! Whose side are you on?