Celebrity Big Brother housemate Lauren Goodger confesses she still loves a 'bad boy' ex

Another night in the Celebrity Big Brother house has ended in tears for housemate Lauren Goodger.

Despite spending weeks flirting with besotted housemate Ricci Guarnaccio, the reality star broke down in tears last night after admitting she is still in love with an ex…but you don’t need to worry Michelle Keegan, we’re pretty sure she wasn’t talking about Mark Wright.

An emotional Lauren poured her heart out to B*witched housemate Edele Lynch, saying: ‘I feel like I’ve been trying to cover this up – I still love him.

‘I’m not over my ex. I try to convince myself that I am over him but I’m not.’

While viewers initially thought she might be talking about her famous on/off love TOWIE star Mark, who she dated on and off for 10 years before their split in 2012, it soon became clear that she was referring to her most recent ex – Jake McLean.  

Lauren, 27, dated Jake for a year, after they met on Twitter. Talking about her ex in the house, she explained he had ‘a bad track record’, which appeared to be alluding to Jake, 24, who was jailed for three-and-a-half years seven years ago after pleading guilty to aggravated burglary.

They split up last December after a string of arguments.

‘I know he has a bad track record,’ Lauren sobbed on Celebrity Big Brother, ‘but he ain’t that guy anymore.’

Lauren gushed on: ‘When he was in my life he would never let anyone say a bad word about me. But what have I done? I’ve f****d it up.’

Jake allegedly released a sex tape of Lauren a few months ago, which
caused the pair to fall out. But it seems she’s not holding it against

The stunning revelations came after another heart to heart in the Celebrity Big Brother house with lovesick Ricci during which Lauren insisted: ‘We’ll never be anything more than friends.’

It looks like Ricci’s been put firmly in the friend zone – until Lauren’s had another drink at least!

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