Celebrity Big Brother was VERY emotional on Sunday evening

She was diagnosed with alopecia in 2005 and now Celebrity Big Brother contestant Gail Porter has spoken out about the upset she feels since losing all her hair.

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On Sunday night’s Channel 5 show, the beautiful Scottish TV star was sat outside in the garden with several of her fellow housemates when the issue of looks and personality arose.

‘I feel extremely ugly and I have dealt with having no hair for a long time but sometimes you don’t feel as pretty as everyone else.’

Gail, 44, was chatting to CBB co-stars, Natasha Hamilton, James Hill, Austin Armacost, Chris Ellison and Sherrie Hewson, when she spoke of a time that she was victimised by a van man.

‘This man, he was in a white van, he was driving up and he wound his window down and he’s like, ‘baldy!’ and then what happened was, the lights were at red – dickhead – so I just knocked on his window and went, ‘what did you say?’

Gail then described the van-man’s uncomfortable reaction in which he wished for the lights to go green so he could drive off.

‘I was like, ‘seriously come outside the van and talk to me and tell me what it is that you feel you can abuse me about?’

Despite her heartache, Gail, who has previously modeled for FHM magazine, still appreciates the gift of life and even touched on the pain she felt when her 60-year-old mum passed away in 2009.

‘I go through every single day thinking how lucky I am. I’ve lost my mum, and that was the hardest thing, and I know that other people have lost people they care about –me losing my hair means f*** all to me but I don’t like the way that people treat you because you’re different.’

Speaking from the heart, Austin then replied, describing Gail as an ‘amazing human being and an amazing woman.’

He added: ‘There are women in here who are gorgeous- big t**s, big asses, beautiful hair – and you know what? Within about 20 seconds of knowing these girls, they’re f**kin bitches.’

In fact, Austin actually decided to shave off all his hair, forcing James to get ‘his buzzer’. We’re guessing he meant electric shaver…

So yup, Gail, along with the help of Natasha, actually ended up shaving off Austin’s hair. After several yelps of pain, Austin was hair-free and actually looking pretty hot!

‘I love you, and you are an awesome human being,’ admitted a shaven-headed Austin.

It was back in 2005 when Gail developed alopecia and lost all her hair and she has since become an ambassador for The Little Princess Trust, a charity which provides wigs to children with hair loss.

She’s certainly one seriously strong woman. Gail, we admire you!

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