As Stevi Ritchie wanders around the CBB house in his girlfriend Chloe-Jasmine's bikini bottoms, here's five other celebrity men who've scarred our memories with their disastrous underwear forever

The world of men’s underwear has given us many gifts. The new Rafael Nadal/Tommy Hilfiger ad. That video of David Beckham running in his H&M smalls. David Gandy in pretty much every other shoot he does. We get a little flustered just thinking about it all.

But our heart rate quickly calms down when confronted with the other end of the scale – men in pants that they really should have left in their underwear drawer. Or, you know, just thrown in the damn bin.

Case in point is Stevi Ritchie parading around the Celebrity Big Brother house in girlfriend Chloe-Jasmine‘s (rather tight) bring pink bikini bottoms. We don’t think we’ll ever get that image out of our head. WHY CAN’T WE GET THAT IMAGE OUT OF OUR HEAD?

But Stevi isn’t the first man to give us a case of the underwear heebie-jeebies – here’s five other men that really should have kept it under wraps. Check out the pictures in the gallery above – if you dare!

1. Mario Falcone

What is it about the Celebrity Big Brother house that makes men commit such crimes against underwear? During his stint in the house, TOWIE star Mario decided it would be a good idea to don a Borat-style mankini. Not even his buff body could make this neon green disaster OK.

2. Matthew Wright

When Myleene Klass took to the water in a white bikini during I’m A Celebrity.. Get Me Out Of Here in 2006, it made waves. When chat show host Matthew Right recreated the moment in 2013, it was less impressive.

3. Bobby Norris

We all know that the Essex crew are partial to a tan, but Nobby – sorry, Bobby – took things a sock too far in the quest for all-over colour when he donned a ‘willykini’ on the beach in Marbella, giving new meaning to the phrase ‘some things you can never un-see’.

4. Alex Reid

Alex famously liked to wear ex-wife Katie Price’s frilly knickers, according to reports, so it wasn’t really a surprise when he stepped out in drag as his cross-dressing alter ego Roxanne – in a near-identical ensemble to one previously work by Katie. Ouch!

5. Giorgio Armani

The fashion designer is known for his elegant designs, but appeared to have slipped into a pair of tighty whities as he took a dip in the sea whilst on holiday in Spain in 2010. Not a good look, Giorgio!


Stephanie Wood