Is looking like a reality TV clone really worth it?

Social media has seen the quest for physical perfection reach an all-time high, with reality TV stars plugging away at cosmetic procedures and beauty products that claim to offer quick fixes. The side effects can be horrendous, with infections, swelling and bruising just some of the probable outcomes – but these ladies are willing to risk it all for a few likes on Instagram. Now investigates what could happen if you decide to do the same… 

Busting lips

The plumped pout trend is still going strong, but less is definitely more. Dr Dan Marsh of The Plastic Surgery Group says that, shockingly, there’s a growing trend of hairdressers administering lip injections, which can have disastrous results. ‘Beware of non-medical-grade fillers. These can lead to the patient needing surgical excision, causing big and permanent scars,’ he explains. ‘Another possible side effect is cysts – not a good look.’ 

Cue the lip police 😚

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Katie Price shared a video following her lip enhancement

Botched bums 

Kim Kardashian and Lateysha Grace are well known for their curvy behinds, and The Valleys star previously opened up about complications following illegal surgery achieve the look. She said: ‘If I’m on the train or driving for more than an hour, I get really sharp pains in my bum, which I never used to get.’ Dr Dan Marsh, of The Plastic Surgery Group, says: ‘Illegal injections of permanent filler or silicone often need to be removed resulting in permanent scars. Also, badly positioned/sized bum implants can be at high risk of infection and malposition. In Kim’s case, it could be over aggressive liposuction to the legs, leaving permanent contour irregularities.’  

The Valleys star Lateysha Grace had further enhancements on her bum following complications from illegal injections

Hemorrhoids and swollen ankles

Dr Perry imagines most of the celebs wear waist trainers to take one photo before removing them but, for the ones who don’t, there are a whole host of risks associated with long-term use. ‘Increased abdominal pressure could lead to hemorrhoids, varicose and thread veins as well as swollen ankles,’ he says. ‘Because the waist trainers are so tight on the skin there’s also a risk of dermatitis and pigmentation problems.’  

Kourtney Kardashian wears a waist trainer

Chloe Khan wears a waist trainer

Receding gums 

Celebrities plugging various brands of DIY teeth whitening kits are ten a penny these days, but Dr Ross Perry, of Cosmedics, says that getting it from anywhere but a practicing dentist could be a bad idea. He explains: ‘The gels bought online are often corrosive and in high strength could cause receding gums, ulcers and long-term tooth sensitivity.’ 

Amber Rose uses an LED whitening device

Wrecked insides 

Social media has long been flooded with reality TV stars promoting textox diets, which claim to help users shed the pounds with the special brew of tea. It comes in a whole range of variations, but some of the most popular brands are made with the root and leaves of senna. It’s been claimed by some doctors that short-term use of senna ‘can cause the bowels to stop functioning normally’. Worryingly, long-term use can cause ‘heart function disorders, muscle weakness and liver damage’. It’s just not worth it, guys!   

Kourtney Kardashian and Sophie Kasaei